UpWork Uprising

UpWork Uprising

May 4 was supposed to be Star Wars Day. But freelancers, particularly those who have online gigs in UpWork, got the shock of their lives. Effective June 2016, UpWork’s new pricing will take effect.

It resulted into Inside Out emotions – anger, fear, sadness, disgust, and believe me, a few joy.

I compiled few of the many reactions of freelancers and clients alike about what I now call “UpWork Uprising”. I called it UpWork Uprising because clients and freelancers threatened to leave UpWork! That’s how mad people are.

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So what do you do with this UpWork Uprising?

Here are my thoughts on this issue:

1. UpWork is not your only way to salvation.

There are other freelancing sites. And if you have your own website, you’re way better off.

Moreover, I suggest that you go to LinkedIn, complete your profile there, and talk to your connections. LinkedIn is the social networking site of the decision makers – CEOs, business owners, HR practitioners, and the likes. Make your presence felt there (and join groups, too!).

2. You are a virtual professional. You should look for long-term clients; not low and fixed projects.

If you think your skills are on the low-rate level, it is time to invest on yourself and learn new skills.

3. If you’re really bent on leaving UpWork, make sure you:

a) have a contract.
b) get a testimonial for your website and LinkedIn.

4. If you are thinking BIG, you would not even budge on the news.

If you are a freelancer who sees his or her online work as a business, you would not be bothered by this news.

If you are a freelancer who believes that he or she is valuable, you would not have sleepless nights because of this.


If you want more about what I say to the UpWork Uprising, watch the replay of my Facebook Live on The Joy and Ann Show Facebook Page.

Also, I guested (for the sixth time!) on Jomar Hilario’s recent webinar show on “Upwork’s New Pricing: How To Maximize It For You” with another success student, Yuhanne T. Natividad.

UpWork Uprising

So if you’ll ask me if I joined the revolt, I say I don’t. I would rather spend my time upgrading my skills.

Have you joined the UpWork Uprising? Let me know your thoughts!

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