On Targeting the RIGHT People on Facebook

I did two Facebook Like campaigns for one of my clients. I was really wondering why we were buying Likes for the account. But then I was wrong: buying Facebook Likes needs to be strategic.

I worked on targeting the RIGHT people who will engage on the Page. They should not be just some people who love the Like button. I deep-dived on the audience research, I had to use tools to get them. As the Page Likes campaign started, I saved lookalikes and custom audiences.

The result was good engagement on the Pages.

Every Facebook strategy is a good strategy – only if a business owner or person knows his or her objectives.

Here’s a video from Moolah Marketer Rachel Miller on Facebook Like strategy:

I also created a video on why you need to identify your business’ customer avatar:

How do you target the right people on Facebook? Let me know in the comments.

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