Pandemic Puzzle: My Series of Images on SlideShare

In the last months, mentor Jomar Hilario gives instructions on creating a series of images from quarantine measures and pandemic insights from experts and articles.

Creating a series of images intends to give a different light on the experts and articles. Also, if you are a visual learner, a series of images would give you the same information less the TL;DR feeling.

I had the opportunity to create three sets of image series. After reading the articles, I broke down the important points via Notes.

Then, I went to Canva to create the series of images.

I posted them on Facebook and LinkedIn (I converted them into PDF before posting). Their official home is SlideShare (which I just learned, is acquired by Scribd!).

I learned a lot not only in the information but also in taking care of the layouts and sticking to my brand colors.

Here are the series of images. I hope you’ll find these useful and insightful!

South Korea’s Post-Quarantine Practices

[slideshare id=234027232&doc=southkoreapostquarantinepractices-200515082355&type=d]

Man vs. Virus: Managing Public Health by Dr. Edsel Maurice Salvana

[slideshare id=234657039&doc=akmanv-200528030638]

All the Things COVID-19 Will Change Forever

[slideshare id=236753948&doc=allthethingscovid-19willchangeforever-200709143423&type=d]

I look forward to doing more series of images and sharing in on social.

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