Personal Branding in the Time of TikTok with Jeff J Hunter

By Ann Kristine A. Peñaredondo | Exceptional Social

Jun 04
AnnKristine_Personal Branding in the Time of TikTok with Jeff J Hunter

Jeff J Hunter is known as the King of Outsourcing, a title that he did expect to have. Jeff is a Savage Marketer who has numerous guesting on TV, radio, and podcasts.

I met Jeff in Davao in 2018, where attended a TEDx (we didn’t know we’re in the same venue), then I sat down in an exclusive copywriting workshop, where he’s one of the speakers.

In this two-part Pin To Top Podcast interview, Jeff provides insights on personal branding and how to do it right in the time of TikTok.

He also shares his thoughts on getting started on becoming a thought leader. Also, should we really follow the Gary Vaynerchuk way?

We also checked out one of his TikTok videos that went viral in September 2020 – and how this would affect his business.

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