My First ODesk interview

A day after Christmas, I had my first ODesk interview.

I could not believe it happened.

I was just updating my profile and at the same time looking for jobs when I saw an e-mail in my ODesk inbox.

There was an invitation for me to apply for a job. The employer said he needs someone who has knowledge in freight forwarding industry.

My first job was in a freight forwarding company, where I learned about sales and communicating with agents and clients properly and promptly or you’ll lose big profits.

I replied on the invitation, opened a Skype account in the process (another achievement!), sent my résumé, and agreed with a scheduled interview time.

It took two weeks for the interview to finally happen because I got sick. It also had difficult time opening a Skype account.

But the employer was very persistent in interviewing me. I have been honest about my concerns and I have  communicated it with the employer.

Finally, the day came. Or should I say night. The interview happened  at 10:30 PM Manila Time.

The interview started through chat. Then, the employer called me and we conversed for 15 minutes. I made sure that my VA resume file was open.

The interview was just like the face-to-face interview that I have experienced. What is different is that the online interview does not see facial expressions and other jitters.

I think I was able to answer all the employer’s questions. But since he needs someone for a full-time position, he said he will contact me (I’m only available for part-time work for now).

Nevertheless, I was blessed to have my first interview. I have learned a lot. If I’m taken in, I’d jump for joy. If not, then I move on to other opportunities while I update my profile and skills.

This is one achievement I’m proud of.

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