How to Connect Unbounce to BenchmarkEmail

The good thing about Unbounce is it captures the leads (e-mail addresses and other data that you asked from your audience) from the site then you can download it via Excel. But you can avoid the long version of downloading the data from Unbounce to uploading it to your e-mail storage through integration.

Here is how you can connect or integrate your Unbounce Landing Page to your BenchmarkEmail list.

First things first, this tutorial assumes you:

1. Have created a Unbounce landing page

2. Have created a BenchmarkEmail list.

Let’s go to Benchmark first.

Step 1: Login to your Benchmark account.



Step 2: On your account, click Integration.



Step 3: Scroll down and look for Unbounce.


Step 4: Click the drop down key to select an email list.


Step 5: A URL link will automatically appear. Copy the link.bm_4

Then, let’s go to Unbounce.

Step 1: Open your Unbounce account.


Step 2: Choose the landing page.

You will see this after you log in.
You will see this after you log in.

Step 3: Click Webhook: Post to URL on the right side of your landing page details.


Step 4: Paste the URL you got from Benchmark.



Step 5: You will get a notice if the integration was successful.


I got the tutorial from this Help Page.

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