A few days ago, I could not past me Facebook pixel to the thank you page that I created. When I went to the VA 202 Facebook Group, I noticed that some of them are also experiencing the same thing.

I thank Ralph Solomon for helping me figure out how to copy my Facebook pixel. After I’m done, I shared the steps to the group.


Step 1: Go to Ads Manager. You will see it on top of your Facebook personal account (under Newsfeed).

Step 2: Go to conversion tracking.



Screenshot courtesy of Ralph Solomon.



Step 3: Hover your mouse to the pixel name until you see the gear icon. A “View Code” text will appear once your mouse is hovered there.



Screenshot courtesy of Ralph Solomon.



Step 4: A window with the pixel code will appear. Copy.

Step 5: Paste the code to your thank you page.

Step 6: Pray for Mark Zuckerberg. 😛