On Flagging Misleading Social Media Posts – Or The Lack Of It


Here are my thoughts on Facebook’s move (or non-move?) to remove or flag misleading posts by President Donald Trump.

A number of people who use social media get their information from their chosen platforms. Facebook included.

Therefore, every social media platform has the responsibility to make sure that their platforms are a good way to get information.

Was this intended? No.

Let me make that NO clear.

When I first logged in on my Facebook account, all I wanted to do was to keep in touch with my friends.

On LinkedIn, I wanted to connect with people that I do not know or have met in a seminar or conference and learn from them.

We also share our opinions and our points of view on our chosen platforms. Just like how other people (celebrities, experts, geniuses, and yes, some not-so-genius) do.

We sometimes do not even know where the information came from. That’s why fake news was born.

So it is important for platforms to help their audiences seek the right information. Because sometimes, we do not filter it. We take information as it is.

I have had the best social media marketing experience through Facebook, but the unflagging of potentially misleading information is a NO.

Your thoughts?

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